Future Wedding: July and Emma

Future Wedding

Introducing July and Emma… We can’t wait for these two to say “I Do” at The French Farmhouse Venue on May 29, 2021! Read all about this awesome love story below!

Question: How Did You and July meet?

Answer: July and I actually met in 2000 when we were 5 and 6 years old, but neither of us remembers meeting. July’s dad worked with my uncle and they were great friends. After a car accident took my uncle’s life, July’s family helped my aunt and cousin out and were supportive of my entire family during that very difficult time. The picture below is of all the kids from both sides of our family at my uncle’s gravesite in 2001. Our families kept in touch, sending Christmas cards, graduation announcements, and letters throughout the years. It wasn’t until 2015 when I began attending college at Texas A&M did we meet and actually remember it! July (a sophomore at the time) saw a post on my cousin’s Facebook page congratulating me on beginning school at A&M. He remembers thinking “she’s cute!” and so he texted my cousin Riley telling her he’d love to grab lunch with me and if I ever needed any advice or help getting around campus to let him know. Riley gave me his number, we set up a time to have lunch at the MSC, and the rest is history! HA! Just kidding! July may have been into me immediately, but I took some more convincing (about a year and a half to be exact!) 


Question: How/When did July Propose? 

Emma’s Side of the Story: July purposed over spring break this year while we were in New Braunfels, TX visiting my best friend Abby and her family. Abby told me her mom had won an art teacher award and she wanted us to go with her to the art show. After getting dressed up, July and I headed to the “art show”. I remember parking at the spot where the party was supposed to be and thinking “there is no art here, what’s going on?”, but still hadn’t caught on that I was about to get engaged! We walked a little further into the park when I saw the gazebo decorated with pictures and flowers and it was then I figured it out! After July proposed and I said YES!!, we took some photos with the photographer he had waiting and while my back was turned, both of our entire families came running down the hill towards us! It was the most special moment I will always remember!!


July’s Side of the Story:

I received Emma’s engagement ring around Christmas time, fully anticipating on proposing over the summer. The longer I held the ring in my room, the harder it was for me to keep the secret (I’m bad at keeping secrets). So, I bumped up my plans to propose over spring break. It took several weeks to coordinate this event, including secretly communicating with her family from Kansas as well as coordinating with Abby and her family to accomplish the perfect spot for the proposal! Spring break rolled around, and the big day had arrived. I remember waking up excited yet extremely nervous. As Emma was getting ready for the “art show” we were planning to attend, I frantically was in my truck coordinating plans over the phone to decorate the gazebo with both of our families! I had to stall many times, including making a fake trip to HEB to get ice that we didn’t really need. Finally, I got the signal that everything was waiting for our arrival! Upon arriving at the park, I parked my vehicle hoping she wouldn’t see the gazebo before time. I remember walking anxiously with Emma towards the Gazebo as she frustratingly was hesitant to walk towards the area where there was no obvious art show. When she finally caught onto what was happening, she was surprised by the fact that it was happening then and there, amongst all the craziness that had opened up with COVID 19. She said yes to my proposal, but that wasn’t the best part! The best part was playing along with the photographer to hide the fact that our families were surprising her as she had her back faced to them taking pictures! I definitely maxed out with this engagement! 


Question: Why did you choose The French Farmhouse Venue? 

July and I began looking for venues pretty soon after we got engaged. It was a difficult decision since there was no obvious choice as his family is from west Texas and most of mine lives in Kansas. One of my best friends Haley told me about the French Farmhouse as she knew Kelsey and her family. I looked at the venue online and absolutely fell in love! It was exactly what I wanted – elegant, romantic, light and airy, and vintage! I set up a FaceTime tour with Kelsey and we were absolutely sold! Kelsey was phenomenal, answering our hundreds of questions and making sure we felt 100% comfortable before making the big decision to book a venue. We are so excited to see the venue complete and can’t wait to get married there on May 29, 2021!


What are you most excited about getting married?

Emma’s Most Excited About: I think I’m most excited about just starting the next chapter of our lives together and always having someone to come home to, someone to hold on to when I’m anxious, someone to celebrate every accomplishment with, and someone to love me unconditionally. I can’t wait to be husband and wife!

July’s Most Excited About: I have always been very close to my family, and am extremely excited to be able to form similar connections with a smaller family of my own. I am much looking forward to Emma and OJ (her cat) joining me on the next steps of life! 



Future Wedding: Ryan and Laci


Introducing Ryan and Laci, these two said “I Do” to The French Farmhouse Venue and we could not be more excited for these two to get married on January 23, 2021! 

How did Laci and Ryan Meet?

I was visiting someone at the college he was attending, Hendrix, when a mutual friend invited us both to a cookout at her apartment. We barley said two words to each other, but he claims he thought I was attractive. Months had past and he decided not to return to Hendrix after Christmas break, and therefore he enrolled in Grayson College, the school I attended. One day, I saw him wearing a shirt that said “Hendrix” and I knew that I had seen him before, but I wasn’t so sure. So, I messaged our mutual friend and asked what his name was (because I forgot lol) and what his snap chat was. That same day, I snapped him, asking if he had transferred, he said yes, and then the rest is history.


How did the proposal happen?

It was a planned lunch with both sets of our parents, this is all we led her to believe. However, there were secrets that led to the point that I would get down on one knee. I had it all planned out, she would walk into our enclosed patio where string lights and roses that would lead her to the first door. That door was covered in pictures with a letter attached, into the next room she would go, following the trail of roses, where she would meet another door with more pictures and another letter. Finally, on to the last door, she went, with the final letter and the last bit of pictures. Then she opened the door to me, down on one knee and already was shaking her head “yes” before I could even ask her if she would marry me. We celebrated all day with our families and had the best day of our lives (so far)!



Ryan and Laci came and wrote a verse on the walls of the venue while it is under construction that is meaningful to them and their future marriage.


“Be completely humble and gentle, be patient, bearing with one another in love” Ephesians 4:2