Future Wedding: Emily + Kyle



Introducing Kyle and Emily, The Future Mr. & Mrs. Hodges!! Kyle brought out the equipment for the venue construction and next thing you know is they found their wedding venue!! We can’t wait for these two to get married on October 24, 2020!  


Question: How did you meet?


Answer: We actually met each other when we were about 5 years old. Our parents were friends before we were even thought of. We remember spending time together at the lake and many Relay for Life volunteer events. Once we were older and more involved in school, we didn’t see much of each other growing up on opposite ends of Denton. The next time I saw Kyle was at my high school graduation, when I invited his mom and he ended up coming along. After that we went our separate ways to college. Low and behold two and a half years later, we ran back into each other one night when we were out with friends. We hit it off like no time had passed, and I eventually pursued my nursing degree at Sam Houston State. Where Kyle was playing golf on scholarship and working toward his business degree. Once we both graduated, we moved back to Denton, and I would say the rest is history!

How did Kyle propose?

It’s Emily here, from my side of it we were just having a family dinner to celebrate his sister being home form Scotland. We were all meeting at his parents house because Kyle’s mom wanted to take family pictures for Christmas cards since we are leaving on a family trip to Scotland in November. After I finished getting ready we were about to walkout of the apartment and I needed to put my rings on (thumb and right ring finger.) As I was putting on my rings Kyle said to me “aren’t you missing a ring”… this is his ohh so sarcastic personality coming out. Since I knew he was joking we just laughed it off. Once we arrived to his parents house, we made our way to the patio. As usual I take the camera, and take their photo, then just one of Kyle and Kelsey. Kyle said to me “hey let’s go ahead and take one too.” Since we have been really bad about taking pictures when we have been dressed up lately, I didn’t think anything of it. We take our picture, and my goofy self is making funny faces after we took the serious ones. Until I feel Kyle kinda pull away from me, all the sudden I see him unzip his vest pocket and get down on one knee!! Of course I said YES!!!!!!!! Then we were off to the family dinner that was planned just for us!!!


What are you most excited about getting married/ your wedding day? 

We are looking forward to the next chapter of our life. Finding our first home and starting a family. Maybe adding another dog to the mix also. Cooper needs a friend to run around with in the backyard we have pictured. We get to be husband and wife, centering our marriage around God and the love we have for each other. We are also ready to share this day and celebration with all of our friends and family. Now just to wait for October 24, 2020!!

Why Did you choose The French Farmhouse Venue? 

This was the first venue that we visited in search for our perfect day. Kyle is providing the equipment for the construction, at this stage in the building process. We decided to come out and see what it was all about. We spent some time looking at different venues as well, but never found one quite like The French Farmhouse. Michelle, Kelsey, and Steve welcomed us with open arms making us feel like a part of their family, and that left a lasting impression on us. We have already seen the heart Michelle and Kelsey have for each and every couple.


October 24, 2020 can not get here fast enough!!


Future Wedding: Madie + Anthony

Future Wedding

Meet Madie + Anthony! The Future Mrs. & Mr. Brown are going to be getting married at The French Farmhouse on October 2, 2020! Madie is a woman with a vision and we are so excited to see what these two sweet souls have in store for their big day!

Question: How did y’all meet? 

Answer: We are high school sweethearts! 

Question: How did you get engaged? 

Answer: Anthony and I took a weekend trip to visit one of his best friends in New Orleans. He proposed in front of the St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter! It was a COMPLETE surprise (though it was definitely time…we’ve been together for over 7 years!). He had the ring hidden in the cup holder in the back seat of the car. He actually proposed on July 20, 2019 which is also my sister’s birthday! 

Question: Why did you pick the French farmhouse and when is your big day 

Answer: exactly what I was looking for in a venue! We wanted somewhere out of busy Dallas, but not too far for friends and family. On a big, beautiful piece of land with lots of lights. We wanted options for the ceremony to be outdoors and reception to be inside without having two separate locations. Even though the venue isn’t complete yet, Michelle painted a PERFECT picture of what it would look like. I knew that this was our place! Our special day is October 2, 2020.

Question: What is the one thing you are most excited about ? 

Answer: Besides marrying Anthony of course, I’m most excited about having all of our friends and family together in one place. I also can’t wait to see my wedding dreams become a reality!