Future Wedding: Ryan and Laci


Introducing Ryan and Laci, these two said “I Do” to The French Farmhouse Venue and we could not be more excited for these two to get married on January 23, 2021! 

How did Laci and Ryan Meet?

I was visiting someone at the college he was attending, Hendrix, when a mutual friend invited us both to a cookout at her apartment. We barley said two words to each other, but he claims he thought I was attractive. Months had past and he decided not to return to Hendrix after Christmas break, and therefore he enrolled in Grayson College, the school I attended. One day, I saw him wearing a shirt that said “Hendrix” and I knew that I had seen him before, but I wasn’t so sure. So, I messaged our mutual friend and asked what his name was (because I forgot lol) and what his snap chat was. That same day, I snapped him, asking if he had transferred, he said yes, and then the rest is history.


How did the proposal happen?

It was a planned lunch with both sets of our parents, this is all we led her to believe. However, there were secrets that led to the point that I would get down on one knee. I had it all planned out, she would walk into our enclosed patio where string lights and roses that would lead her to the first door. That door was covered in pictures with a letter attached, into the next room she would go, following the trail of roses, where she would meet another door with more pictures and another letter. Finally, on to the last door, she went, with the final letter and the last bit of pictures. Then she opened the door to me, down on one knee and already was shaking her head “yes” before I could even ask her if she would marry me. We celebrated all day with our families and had the best day of our lives (so far)!



Ryan and Laci came and wrote a verse on the walls of the venue while it is under construction that is meaningful to them and their future marriage.


“Be completely humble and gentle, be patient, bearing with one another in love” Ephesians 4:2 


Future Wedding: Spencer & Erinn

Future Wedding

Meet Spencer and Erinn! These two love birds are getting married on April 2, 2021, at The French Farmhouse Venue and we are so excited for them! 

How did you and Spencer meet?


I was working at a coffee shop called Summer Moon while Spencer was off at college. He would come in when he was home on the weekends and one day our staff found out he got hired for the summer. When he started working at the shop we instantly connected and became really good friends. Our love story blossomed and we began dating right before he left to go to Nashville for college.

How/when did Spencer propose?

On March 19th in the midst of COVID-19, we were supposed to have our young adult bible study on Thursday but that got canceled so Spencer wanted to do a surprise date to get us out of the house before all of this got worse. He eventually told me we were going to dinner at a cute little wine bar in downtown Frisco. I was working that day so he picked me up from work and we started to head to dinner. On the way, he stopped in the parking lot of summer moon (the coffee shop we met at) and told me to get out and we would be right back. He took me to the gazebo right next to the shop where he had flowers and pictures of us set up. He had a notebook personalized for me with my new last name on it and he popped the question.

Why did you choose The French Farmhouse Venue?

I have been following the French farmhouse on Instagram since they started the page and I was always obsessed with everything they were sharing on their feed. When we got engaged I looked at other venues online just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything else. From the moment we stepped foot on the property I was in awe and immediately fell in love. It was such an easy decision and Kelsey and her mom Michelle made the experience even that much better.

What are you most excited about getting married?

I am most excited that we will get to finally do life together and not have to be apart anymore. Our entire relationship Spencer has lived in Nashville for college and our visits were always short weekends besides summer break. I can’t wait to just get to start our life together in Texas and just enjoy each other’s company at all times.