Vow Vow Renewal: Marriage Built On The Foundation


Paige and Kyle wanted to renew their vows in the venue while it was under construction. You might be asking yourself why? Unfinished, Plywood everywhere, nails and so much more… but the answer will bring you to tears.

Photography by: Shelby Hall Images



“After 5 years of job changes, life changes, health changes, and parenting we learned how hard it can be to keep and grow an authentic connection.”


“5 Years ago we took vows that many others have taken..”


“But now…we are different people, and we still choose each other.”



“So we updated the vows with the lessons we have learned about how we both show up, how we want to show up and the kind of life that we want to build.”


“We want to build something extraordinarily


“Without hesitation, in a heartbeat, I choose you” – Paige and Kyle


Future Wedding: Amanda + Chris

Future Wedding

Introducing Amanda and Chris! Coming all the way Wisconsin to tie the knot in Texas. We are ready show these two everything really is bigger in Texas!

How did you and Chris meet?

Chris and I met in high school. It was the summer going into my sophomore year, we met at a party. He actually knew my friends for a few weeks before meeting me. We were introduced that night and became friends for a bit! As we started hanging out more and more we started growing closer! Second semester of my sophomore year we started dating! We have officially been together for 8 years now!

How/when did Chris propose?

Chris proposed to me on December 26, 2019. We were in Tampa, Florida staying with his mom for two weeks. We decided over the summer of 2019 that it would be an amazing time to drive to Florida with our dogs and stay for the majority of the holiday season. Little did I know it was meant for something bigger! The day after Christmas we went to Fort De Soto beach, we were walking all the way down the beach to get to this pier. I was walking ahead of Chris in the water and he called my name. When I turned around he was on one knee asking me to marry him!


Why did you choose The French Farmhouse?

We chose the French Farmhouse because it is SO unique. I have been dying for a true country barn wedding but this gives it a whole new twist. Even with no real pictures of the venue yet, I knew this had to be our venue. Especially since Chris and I looked at so many venues back home in Wisconsin and we were not pleased with any of them. They were all missing some sort of expectation we had, and our wedding would have felt like a compromise. What made our decision even easier was Kelsey & her mom, Michelle. They were so welcoming and so descriptive about everything that even before the tour was over I asked for the contract! We are so happy with our decision, we can’t wait for next October 2021. 

What are you most excited about getting married?

We are just so excited to FINALLY make it official. Eight years together is such a long time, we have made so many great memories together and we can’t wait to do it as husband and wife. We are also excited to say that we made it as true high school sweethearts!