Since we started hosting weddings, we have been observing and working on the best floor plans for the layout of our venue. Here are our top floor plans, for different wedding sizes. We have also attached a pdf of some extra ideas that would be great for your wedding!

How to Create a Floor Plan: 

We recommend starting on your floor plan after you have your final RSVPs.

To make floor plans for the French Farmhouse you will use Prismm.

  1. Create an account, regardless of whether you or your planner are making the floor plan, click the “Planner” option.
  2. Create an Event
  3. Venue- The French Farmhouse Venue
  4. You will have to click “Main Hall” on the left-hand side
  5. From there you can choose from the tables on the left- there are a ton of options, but keep in mind what we have available. (listed below)
  6. Place tables throughout the venue and create your floor plan!





If you have any questions regarding your floor plan, please don’t hesitate to reach out.