Future Wedding: Kailey & Dylan


Introducing Kailey and Dylan! We can’t wait for these two to get married on December 11, 2021, as they plan to have a Christmas wedding!!

How did you meet?

Dylan and I first met at a mutual friend’s birthday party & later connected my 8th-grade year (his freshman) when his mom and him were moving into my grandparent’s rental house! I got a message from him on Facebook telling me we were going to be neighbors and “we should definitely hang out sometime!” We talked for quite a bit of time, but he finally asked me to be his girlfriend just in time to walk me in my first day of freshmen year of high school! From that day on, I had a forever school bus partner, travel buddy, my football player to my cheerleader, and my high school sweetheart.

How did he propose?

Dylan and I had been together for just over 7 years when he finally figured enough time had passed – haha. It was my senior year of college and I was on my last spring break ever – going to Walt Disney World of course (I might have a slight obsession with Disney..). Just a few days prior to us leaving for vacation I had found out I had gotten offered an internship at Walt Disney World that I had been praying for. What could POSSIBLY make this trip any better?? Little did I know what was coming… I was actually getting my senior pictures done at the Magic Kingdom itself when the greatest moment of my life happened. My mom and I went around the park with my photographer taking my photos while my best friends and Dylan “explored” the park (or so I thought, turns out they were trying to calm Dylan’s nerves). We met back up at the castle for some group pictures and the last picture she was taking was of me facing the castle. I stood there waiting for her to give me the okay to turn back around but instead I hear Dylan ask me to turn around. He then asked me to marry him, we cried, I cried a WHOLE bunch and then I was surprised with an engagement session in the park. We then celebrated the most magical proposal for the rest of the week at the most magical place on earth. (My engagement ring even has hidden mickeys on it! Good job babe😉)

Why did you pick The French Farmhouse Venue?

We started looking at venues over a year after our engagement, and I didn’t want to really make a decision because I’m so indecisive. We toured what I felt like almost every venue in our 80-mile radius and thought we had made a final decision. There were a few things holding me back from signing and one of those was that there wasn’t a fireplace. We were about a week away from signing our contract on a different venue and I stumbled upon The French Farmhouse’s Instagram. We fell in love with every detail over social media and scheduled a tour for the weekend. Not only did The French Farmhouse check every single one of our boxes, but they have TWO fireplaces!!! The French Farmhouse is everything we could ever dream of and it somehow just perfectly tied mine and Dylans style together, which is exactly what will happen on 12/11/21. From the moment we walked onto the property Dylan and I knew this place was special and to top it off Kelsey and her mom made us feel apart of the family. After we left the tour Dylan and I looked at each other and said “this is the one” and we signed that next weekend. ❤️

What are you most excited about getting married?

A few months before Dylan and I say “I do”, we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary – “It’s about time” is an understatement! Besides the years that have gone by, we have spent many years bouncing around with college, internships, work and so much more. We are so ready to start our family and continue this life we’ve built so far. Getting to spend a day celebrating us two becoming one with many friends and family – including ones we’ve shared the high school hallways with, college classrooms, and the many family members we’ve both gained throughout the past decade – is just so heartwarming. I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.


Future Wedding: Logan & Karlie

Future Wedding

We are so excited for Karlie and Logan to say “I Do” at The French Farmhouse on September 5, 2021!

How did you meet?

Logan and I met at Oklahoma State University. My sorority and his fraternity were paired up for Homecoming that year. One of the competitions of this event included a flag football tournament call Football Frenzy where all of Greek life competes in. We were both apart of the team! We quickly fell for each other with ease, little did we know we were both praying for each other for weeks after we met. Logan finally asked for my number and he asked me to go to sonic. That night we ended up talking until 2:00 am and the rest is history 🙂

How did Logan propose?

I had been asking Logan to go on a picnic for the longest time and he finally caved and said yes! We went to Buffalo Bayou Park in Houston, TX and that’s where he popped the question! The view was beautiful with the city behind us.


Why did you choose The French Farmhouse Venue? 

The moment I started following The French Farmhouse I had this love for what the venue and most of the antique pieces symbolized. For Logan and I it was important for us to build our marriage on Christ, the solid rock. What better way than to marry each other on two trees becoming one(Genesis 2:24) and dine during our reception under an old door with a three ring cord(Ecclesiastes 4:12). Also the moment we met both Kelsey and Michelle we knew this place was being built and ran for the right reasons! Not kidding I almost happy cried!!


What are you both most excited about getting married? 

We are most excited about becoming a true family. We can’t wait to spend our whole life together and seeing what we can do as one unit. Also imagining both of our families becoming one as well, we think there are so many good times to come.