Future Wedding: Brookelyn & Lane


Introducing Brookelyn and Lane!! These two cuties who met in the most unexpected place will say “I do” at The French Farmhouse Venue on October 15, 2021 and we could not be more excited! 

How did you and Lane meet? 

It was the summer of our junior year of high school and we had to take the dreaded SAT. We both went to different schools, so I had to travel to his school to take the test. We knew of each other and had actually talked to each other a few times, but stayed friends. I saw Lane in my assigned testing room and he would not stop staring at me. After each section of the exam he would put his head on the desk and stare at me under his arm, haha. A few hours after the test I decided to reach out to him and we have been together ever since!

How did he propose? 

We were having a date night, or so I thought. I begged to stay home and just watch a movie, but Lane was very persistent that we go. The whole car ride he was acting very weird and not saying very much. I thought it was a little weird, but just brushed it off and didn’t think a lot into it. We were going to a the waterfall garden in downtown Dallas and had the worst time finding parking. He kept passing an empty parking lot and I couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t park there. Little did I know our photographer, who is a good friend of mine, was parked in the lot and he didn’t want me to see her car. After we finally found a spot we walked down into the garden and I saw the photographer and ruined the surprise (oops)! When I saw her he knew he had to do it right then and he popped the question!! We still joke about it to this day how I ruined the surprise.

Why did you choose The French Farmhouse Venue? 

 I came across the French Farmhouse on Instagram and knew we had to see it. We had looked at so many venues online and never felt like any of them were “the one”. This was actually the first venue we had seen in person. We were in love before we had even stepped foot out of the car and knew right then we didn’t want to look anywhere else. It is absolutely gorgeous and everything we wanted. The atmosphere is amazing. Michelle and Kelsey also made our decision very easy. They are so sweet! We are so excited for our big day!

What are you both most excited about getting married? 

 Brookelyn: I am so excited to be with my best friend every day, forever! We have so much fun together and I can’t wait to see what new memories we make.

Lane: The thing I am the most excited about getting married is being able to have a cuddle buddy every night unless I get kicked to the couch. Along with being able to start our own family and own family traditions. I can’t wait to have my lifetime fishing partner. I am so excited for this next season of life.




Future Wedding: Tyler & Ashley


Introducing Tyler and Ashley! We can’t wait for these two to say “I DO” on April 10, 2021! 

How/When did you two meet?

We met in Physical Therapy school at our class Halloween party. Tyler was dressed as Napoleon Dynamite and I was a biker, what a match. After a few months of saying hi in the hallways, he asked me on a date and we’ve been together since!

How did Tyler propose? 

Tyler proposed in Palo Duro Canyon. After hiking all day, we got dressed up and went out to dinner. Then, we returned to the canyon at sunset where Tyler had a photographer waiting to capture the moment! This place is extra special because its where we took our first trip together when we first started dating.

Why did you choose The French Farmhouse Venue? 

We wanted a venue that was timeless, and somewhere our guests would enjoy celebrating as much as we will. Visiting the French Farmhouse gave us a glimpse of everything we could hope for in a venue, and can’t wait to see it come to life on the day of. 

What are you most excited about for your big day? 

We are most excited to begin building a life together as we start our careers, and one day a family!